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  • April7th

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    As a business portraits photographer, one of the biggest obstacles which business owners tell me why they are not ready for a business portrait, is that they are unhappy with their appearance such as weight.

    There are many easy solutions to this fear and dilemma. Although most photographers will not go to an extreme and use Photoshop to make someone look really skinny, an experienced photographer can help with ways to appear thinner and with success, help you look 20 lbs lighter!

    Here are some of the ways I help my clients overcome these concerns with their body weight;

    1. Wear Dark Solids

    Clothing can work both ways. It can help you appear slimmer or help appear heavier. Wearing dark solids, dramatically gives the appearance of being thinner. The first reason is that dark solids help the viewer focus straight onto the face which is usually a stark contrast from dark clothing. The attention is naturally drawn away from the the body which is what your final aim is in a business portrait anyway.

    The second reason is that dark clothing helps to conceal love handles and most other unwanted excess. It’s the illusion of light and shadow. Dark solid clothing may include black, charcoal, deep reds, navys, espresso and other dark variations of color.

    Clothing design to stay away from are stripes, patterns, logos or prints which tend to over exaggerate weight and make one appear heavier. Stripes especially can make one appear wider. Other items of clothing to stay away from are overly form fitting clothes, bright reds or fluorescents. Aside from making you appear heavier, these colors also distract viewers from your face.

    Lastly, stay away from high capped sleeves or sleeveless tops. The top of the arm is naturally at it’s peak in size. High capped sleeves and sleeveless tops tend to bring attention to this area. Stick with either long or jersey sleeves.

    Wearing items on the no-no list and underneath a solid blazer may be helpful but not always. I always recommend to bring along a variety of outfits so that we can help if you are unsure.

    2. Posing.

    A good portrait photographer should show you how to pose you to help appear slimmer. Essentially they will use techniques such as turning your body at a slight angle away from the camera while bringing your face back straight onto the camera.

    They should also help with posing your arm in such a way that will appear slimmer. This may be accomplished by placing the hand facing the camera on your lower hip so that it’s posed at an angle. All excess will naturally gravitate towards your body and be hidden from the camera’s view.

    Additionally, extending your neck and chin up into the air and bringing it back down to a certain level right before the camera snaps, will help reduce double chins. There are more techniques given by an experienced portrait photographer that will be useful in appearing slimmer.

    3. Prepare for Confidence

    I always say that a minimum amount of mental preparation will help one feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera.

    If you have a few days to mentally prepare prior to your portrait session, use affirmations and positive visualizations. Say an affirmation such as “I am comfortable and feel beautiful in front of the camera” paired with a positive mental visualization of you being happy and confident in front the of the camera. Do this at least twice per day.

    Wear your best outfits that make you feel special. Additionally, splurging at a salon to do your hair and makeup should help you feel confident that you are preparing for the world to see you and your business at it’s best.

    These techniques should help you get a leg up on conquering your fears of taking a business portrait. We all know that there is never an absolute perfect time where we feel comfortable with our bodies. There is no time like today!

    Start attracting customers today!

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  • April4th

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    One of the most important aspects of our business is to deliver a final tangible product to our clients.  It’s so important to us to have our clients receive something they can touch, feel or hang.
    Here is something we created for a client and her beautiful family that attended her 60th birthday celebration!
    Digital photos are good for cell phones and social media.  But photographs should be more permanent.
  • March31st

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    As a Los Angeles Senior portrait photographer, it’s always a blast to get an opportunity to co-create with teens.  Teen girls seem to love to create and undergo the model experience which makes for a really fun time.

    Here are a few recent portraits captured in the studio;

    FotoNuova specializes in senior portraits in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Orange County and throughout all of Southern California. Click this link for more information; Senior Portrait Photographer | FotoNuova

  • March28th

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    Here is a recent business portrait of the beautiful ladies at Old Town Escrow.

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  • March7th

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    Here is a recent studio portrait of teen Kelsey.

    Working with Kelsey was a lot of fun!

  • February18th

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    As a photographer that specializes in business portraits, we get this question very often here at the studio; “What should I wear for my portrait?”  I always respond by thanking them for their question as what you wear is so very important for what you would like to reflect in your portrait.
    My response is always, wear what best reflects your personality and how you envision yourself in your industry.  If it’s formal and conservative, wear elegant suits, silk blouses or dress shirts for men.  Dress as if you are going to an important business meeting.
    If you and your industry is more relaxed and informal, wear a pair of nice dark jeans, pretty blouse and blazer.  Dress as if you are taking a client out to lunch on casual Friday.
    Now, there are items of clothing that are complementary to the body and complexion, then there are types of clothing that work against us.  My recommendation is to wear dark solids.  Dark solids always help with making the body appear slimmer.
    Stay away from stripes, patterns, plaids, prints, logos or lettering.  These patterns tend to distract the viewer whereas solid colors tend to isolate faces and keep you as the focus of the portrait.  Primary red and primary blue tend to cast funny colors onto face so I would suggest to stay away from these colors as well.  Both these colors as well as fluorescent also tend to be dominant forces in portraits.  We don’t want anything competing with you!
    One does not always have to be overly concerned with wearing matching tops and bottoms.  Coordinating colors and finding colors that complement each other is very important.
    Instead of matching, try to pick two simple colors that coordinate well with each other. When in doubt, dark solids are always the way to go!
    At FotoNuova, we suggest that our clients bring along 3 to 4 outfits and we will help them select the best one for their warm and friendly business portrait!

    FotoNuova specializes in business portraits as well as corporate headshots in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Orange County and throughout all of Southern California. Business Portraits | FotoNuova

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  • February14th

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    Today’s beautiful site for Old Town Escrow’s business portraits. 

    Pasadena City Hall is gorgeous!

  • February10th

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    I’ve photographed many portraits for clients at the Cerritos Sculpture Garden.  It’s a beautiful location to photograph in.  There are a good number of diverse looks in such a small space.

    It has to be one of my favorite locations to shoot at in Southern California.

    Here is a photograph of one of the stunning sculptures in the garden.

  • February7th

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    My guess is that if you are reading this, you may be looking for maternity photo ideas and considering a maternity portrait?

    I’ve personally heard from some women that they fear taking maternity portraits as they think it will entail naked belly’s, topless husbands and tummy kisses. While some certain styles tend to become popular and pounded into our heads over and over, maternity portraits don’t always have to follow the same line of thought all of the time.

    In fact, the canvas is wide open when creating your maternity portrait. For instance, I happen to love history and love when clients want to incorporate a historical style to their portrait. One of the themes I love is a Greco Roman theme. It’s completely unique and dramatic. A theme that you can get away with when you are expecting a baby. Pregnancy is a time full of love and beauty and this theme suits it so perfectly. It will most certainly be a conversation piece in your home and a memorable portrait for years to come.

    Here are two ways we have incorporated the Greco Roman theme for maternity portraits:

    Coasts of Rome

    This is a very simple and beautiful idea for a maternity portrait. It incorporates a dramatic piece of coastline but can be captured in a natural field of tall fresh or dry grass.

    You only need one piece of fabric in either silk or of the flowy variety. You can purchase a silk or silk like fabric at almost any fabric store or online. We have done it with large pieces of cheesecloth as well.

    Add various accessories such as period costume jewelry, a rope belt and sandals that help to give it the look of the period. The jewelry for this portrait is inexpensive costume jewelry we purchased at Forever 21. Captured this in a beautiful natural setting and you are sure to have maternity portraits that stun! More on this idea within our feature here: Grey Likes Baby Feature

    Neoclassic Greco Roman Setting

    From Wikipedia the Definition of Neoclassicism: is the name given to Western movements in the decorative and visual arts, literature, theatre, music, and architecture that draw inspiration from the “classical” art and culture of Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome.

    So in essence, during the 1800’s and early 1900’s, there was a popular movement to emulate classic art that was Greco Roman in style. In studying some photographs from this period, there was a romance about them with women often trying to emulate the poses and styles of these ancient people. One unique aspect about these portraits was that there were often elements of their current time period that you would not find in ancient Rome or Greece. Elements such as what was then, modern furniture or decorative items such as perfume bottles and hand mirrors.

    We created this Neoclassic style for a maternity portrait with our clients.

    We incorporated elements that would be found in such a photograph such as the oriental rug, antique chair, fabrics, fruit and other ornaments.

    One can take these ideas and certainly make it their own style. It could be more colorful and have more modern themes to it. You can make have the same kind of vignette and incorporate other time periods and styles such as Art Deco, 70’s or your favorite decade, modern simple and Alice in Wonderland tea party. We can go on and on.

    Whatever your style may be, the most important aspect is to create maternity portraits that you will be able to look at 10 years from now and have them remind you of this special loving and beautiful time in your life.

    FotoNuova is an award winning photographer with maternity photo ideas providing services in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Orange County and throughout all of Southern California. For more information, please visit our website at: Maternity Photo Ideas | FotoNuova or call 626-588-2445

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  • February3rd

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    As a family portraits photographer, It’s always a thrill to hear from clients and when we are doing a great service for them!

    One such client, Audrey, posted a wonderful review of our family portrait service and what it meant for her on Yelp!

    You may find the actual review here: Yelp Review

    I recently had an interest in having portraits taken for my son and I and decided to consult with Aaron Gil from FotoNuova…and I couldn’t have made a BETTER decision!

    Aaron was absolutely awesome! His expertise, professionalism and easy-going personality made our photo-shoot not only comfortable, but FUN! Aaron exhibited and executed confidence in his work, but also allowed us to be creative with our ideas, which resulted in a successful shoot that exceeded my expectations.

    Aaron really captured the moment. Our images came out clean, classy and cool, and I am most pleased.

    I assure you that whatever your photography needs may be, Aaron Gil will not disappoint… -Audrey A.

    Thank you Audrey!

    FotoNuova is a family portraits photographer providing services in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Orange County and throughout all of Southern California. For more information, please visit our website at: Family Portraits Photographer | FotoNuova or call 626-588-2445