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  • November21st

    As a Pasadena family portrait photographer, it’s always a special treat to serve visiting families that come to enjoy the Rose Parade. Pasadena is the home of the Tournament of Roses, Rose Parade, Rose Queen, Rose Court and the infamous Rose Bowl game and every year. Families from all over the world come to our city and delight on what our beautiful town has to offer. Visiting families come every New Years and we are pleased to offer these families with family portraits that will commemorate their visit for the Rose Parade. Pasadena is home to the most stunning portrait locations and offers both natural and beautiful architectural settings. Some of the best Pasadena portrait settings are at Pasadena City Hall, Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena Arroyo, the Rose Bowl area and a lot more locations. These locations are stunning and provide Rose Parade tourists with a beautiful backdrop for beautiful family photography. On your next visit to Pasadena consider creating a family portrait to make your own Rose Parade memories. Please call our portrait studio for a complimentary over the phone consult about creating a beautiful and commemorative family portrait during your Rose Parade visit in Pasadena – (626) 588-2445 FotoNuova is a family portrait photographer providing services for your next Rose Parade visit in Pasadena, Los Angeles, Orange County and throughout all of Southern California. For more information, please visit our website at:Pasadena Family Portrait Photographer | FotoNuova or call 626-588-2445

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  • December16th

    Not sure if you should consider updating your business headshot?

    business headshot los angeles








    If you are unsure, the answer is yes.  The main function of your business portrait is to attract new business. The best way to attract new clients is to convey trust and likability.  People do business with those they like and trust.

    If your business portrait is dated on appearance be it with an old style of clothing, an old hair style or an old styled background, it’s time to update it.  A business portrait should be warm, fresh and inviting.  It should show vibrancy and life in the eyes as they are the gateway to the soul.

    I challenge you to take a visit on LinkedIn and click on the “People You May Know” section.  Scroll down and ignore all of the photos that seem to be unprofessional snapshots or taken with a cell phone.  Try to identify the professional portraits.

    Of those professional portraits, try to determine if you would do business with them.  To they convey warmth and trust?  Are they smiling or look uncomfortable?  Does the style of portrait look dated or modern?

    A good portrait should look modern, fresh and warm.  It should be inviting and attractive.  You have only but a few seconds to gain your clients trust on the web.  Without your prospective client reading about your story, you should tell them who you are with a portrait that only takes a few seconds to convey that message.

    At FotoNuova, we work with our clients to create the right style and looks for their portraits.  We help with everything from clothing suggestions, helping you feel at ease through the shoot and retouching.  We do not stop photographing until the client feels we have the right portrait.

    Create your warm, fresh and inviting business headshot for 2015 and call us today for an appointment:  626-588-2445


    FotoNuova is a business headshot photographer providing services in Pasadena, Los Angeles, Orange County and throughout all of Southern California. For more information, please visit our website at:Pasadena Business Headshot Photographer | FotoNuova or call 626-588-2445

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  • December12th

    This will be our view in Jan for a business portrait gig.  Not too bad. Thanks for the referral @edlevine1 !! #dtla #downtownla #downtownlosangeles #businessportraits

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  • December10th

    The studio is ready for the Season thanks to Ava.  She likes to be modest about her decorating skills.  #Christmas2014 #2014xmas #xmas #portraitstudio #photographystudio #christmasdecorations

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  • December7th

    Christmas at Mission San Juan Capistrano. #missionsanjuancapistrano #californiamission #mission

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  • December5th

    My LA Woman  #la #losangeles #lawoman #lighttrails #nightphotography #westcoast #longexposure #colorphotography #freeway #mozangeles #thedoors

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  • November28th

    Waking up with the City of Angels.  #losangeles #downtownla #downtownlosangeles #cityofangels #nightphotography

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  • November26th

    Wisdom. #redwoodtree #redwood #redwoodforest #endor #wisdom #wisetree #oldtree #landscapephotography #forest #trees #bigtree #colorphotography #california

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  • November17th

    Night time carnival fun.  #carnival #nightphotography #lightstreaks #longexposure #fair

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  • November13th

    Gloomy weather calls for black & white polaroids.  #polaroid #polaroidlandcamera #friendssince1991 #film #filmphotography #instantfilm #polaroidphoto #instantphoto #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhitephoto

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Capturing All The Special Moments Of Your Lifetime